PescoVegan is a way of cooking and a lifestyle. It is all about eating well and staying healthy.

No meats, and no dairy. Why? Because meats and dairy are highly processed, heavily fatted and likely to contain God knows what in hormones and antibiotics. You will find an occasional egg in these recipes. Eggs provide an essential ingredient in some dishes.

No processed foods.  Why?  The food industry is all about getting us to eat.  Despite what numerous advertisements might say, industry profits are driven by the amount we eat, not by our health.  Big Food has developed highly sophisticated ways to keep us consuming, unfortunately to our detriment.  The obesity and diabetes epidemics occurring worldwide are a direct result.  It is certainly convenient to use prepared foods, but inevitably it becomes a struggle to keep the quantities under control.

The second issue with processed foods is knowing what you are eating.  Way too many chemicals and modifiers added to processed foods with little or no thought about their health consequences.  Again, the food industries interest is in presenting us with attractive appearing things to consume.  That it might raise our cholesterol, induce obesity or cause other problems is our concern, not theirs.  The simple solution is to just say no.

Protein and vitamin B12 can be hard to sustain in a pure vegan diet. Adding seafood helps a lot in this area. Yes, many of the same objections that are raised to meats also apply to farm raised seafoods. We’ll have to make our choices.


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